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A large number of companies wish to hire a broker to deal with head offices and make sales calls in the various POS's in the Province of Quebec. They are looking for a specialist who will listen to their needs and permit their own sales forces to spend more time developing their products. Due to its vast geography, the Province of Quebec needs tight management and people who are totally familiar with each of its regions. Managing the sales team, monitoring the costs and training supervisors and representatives is a serious challenge for a company thatwishes to establish itself or perform better in Quebec.

Pro Action believes in the Quebec market and, since 1996, has implemented the elements required to adequately develop, with our partners, the drugstore and mass merchandising markets in the various regions of the Province. Our team of 6 representatives, including two supervisors, makes over 7,000 calls in 1,000 POS's in all the Quebec regions. These 7,000 calls represent a major investment for Pro Action, which calls on us each year to go beyond this challenge!! Pro Action believes in training its sales force and makes the necessary investments to reach this goal.Over the years, we have signed brokerage agreements with multinational companies to represent them in Quebec.

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