Brokerage agreements
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Over the years, we have signed brokerage agreements with multinational companies to represent them in Quebec.

Our agreements
Discover our collection of unique body care products available in pharmacies, natural products and specialized stores.
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Nutripur is 100% Canadian owned and operated company. It specializes in the manufacturing of traditional herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. Founded in 1989, Nutripur focused its efforts in the development of various products which addresses specific health problems. The distribution of these products targeted health professionals.

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Each product has been developed by the research laboratories plant of new Nordic in Sweden and formula according to the guidelines defined by nutritionists. The activity of plant extracts is bioactive documented scientifically. Each ingredient is prepared individually, standardized and control in European laboratories.

There is no longer any need to blow the baby's nose with the mouth in order to remove mucous. No more propagation of microbes. One can talk to the child and re-assure him while the Pumpunel aspirator is in use.
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Original Foods was founded in 1947, and has since been producing and selling food products under its own brand name as well as private labels for some of the largest national retailers. Boasting 3 production plants operated by 150 employees, Original Foods is one of the few enterprises specializing in seasonal confectionery. Caramels and marshmallow-based treats are examples of products that made it an industry leader for more than 65 years

With over 120 stores across the country, Laura Secord is Canada's largest and best-known chocolatier. Laura Secord shops sell a very wide variety of premium-quality chocolates, including dark chocolate, white chocolate, flavoured and pure chocolate and chocolate-covered hazelnuts. Also available are ice cream and other treats such as caramel crunch and chocolate fudge..

We manufacture and sell a variety of nutrition bars and shakes designed around the nutrition principles of the Atkins Diet. The Atkins line of products appeals to a broad audience sof men and women who want to achieve their weight management goals and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Our products are available throughout Canada, the United States and internationally.
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Belvedere International Inc is a North American leader in the marketing and manufacturing of health and beauty care products and remains the logical choice for customers wishing to purchase high integnty products and unique, proprietary packaging With the most compebbve value.
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Sunstar Americas, Inc. is a proud member of the global Sunstar Group of companies and manufacturer of the innovative dental care products.
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Sales Nobelmo, pharmacy broker  for 30 years, offers to  pharmacies across Canada a wide range of quality products. The products we offer are varied: baby items , slippers, sandals , umbrellas , handbags , backpacks , cosmetic bags, party supplies, household items ...

For over 70 years, Miel Labonté Honey produces and distributes a wide variety of honey and honey products of higher quality. It is in Victoriaville that Mr. Rolland Labonté founded his company in 1937. Honey products expert, Mr. Labonté was an adviser to the Government of Quebec for over 30 years.

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